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Edit Suites

Vista provides a full complement of edit workstations tied to a shared storage infrastructure. The systems provide live & near live edit capabilities.

Edit suites include:

  • Edit suites tied to shared storage
  • Live and near live edit capabilities
  • Edit software supported
    • Avid
    • Adobe Premier
    • Final Cut

Media Asset Management

Vista provides “End-to-End” media solutions.

  • Encode
  • Logging/Asset Tagging
  • Transcode
  • Vista supports every codec
  • Open Architected Library Management Systems (LMS)

Channel Origination

Vista provides comprehensive channel playout and transmission services with 24/7 monitoring for both HD and 4K distribution. Vista specializes in worldwide IP and fiber content delivery. We provide each of our clients with a tiered suite of solutions meeting a wide range of technical requirements.

  • Grass Valley Morpheus automation services
  • Grass Valley ICE playout system
  • 24/7 master control services & engineering
  • On-air graphics
  • Quality control
  • IP distribution
  • Traffic & Ad insertion
  • Closed captioning
  • CALM Act Compliance

Channel Origination TECHNICAL CORE

Vista’s technical core is composed of the Morpheus automation systems, ICE Channel-in-a-Box and Momentum Workflow/Asset Management Systems from Grass Valley.


  • Morpheus automation system delivers robust and resilient content distribution, is scalable to multi-channel and multi-screen playout and is a perfect solution for national broadcasters, sports, network origination, central casting, business continuity and OTT.


  • ICE Channel-in-a-Box has an extensive toolset to manage playout operations, including single channel, multi-channel, multi-region, and multi-platform environments. ICE integrates all the operational, technical, regulatory, and commercial functionality required for broadcast playout environments.


  • Momentum delivers flexibility, expansion capabilities, and ease of manipulation, a media asset management tool required to thrive in your dynamic and ever-changing workflow. Offering intelligent, flexible automation and control at every stage in the media chain, from ingest, cataloging, QC and editing to transcoding and multi-platform delivery.