Channel Origination

Vista Studios provides comprehensive channel playout and transmission services with 24/7 monitoring for both HD and 4K distribution. Vista specializes in worldwide IP and fiber content delivery. We provide each of our clients with a tiered suite of solutions meeting a wide range of technical requirements.

  • Snell Morpheus automation systems
  • Snell ICE playout system
  • 24/7 master control services & engineering
  • On-air graphics
  • Quality control
  • IP distribution
  • Traffic & Ad insertion
  • Closed captioning
  • CALM Act Compliance

Remote Sports

Vista Studios’ technical team has unparalleled experience in the world of live sports. Vista partners with leading sports content producers to streamline field requirements for producing remotes. Our feature set includes:

  • Diverse path signal acquisition
  • In-house studio production (PCR, ACR)
  • Replay & graphic branding
  • Network packaged live signal delivery (diverse path)
  • Field sourcing & crewing